About Bob Sauls & Sauls Signs

In the back corner of his father's upholstering company, with little more than a few cans of paint and Nancy's moral support, Bob began Sauls Signs & Design. He believed that by applying sound design principals, sign making could be creative and marketable. That was in 1980 and they've never looked back.

About Art: "Drawn In"
Bob is a sign maker today largely because of his early fascination with drawing. A career in graphics was surely in the cards. The challenge would be finding the right fit. Bob combined his love of art with his creative talents and manual dexterity to become one of the premier sign craftsmen in the southeast.

The Market: "Keeping Up"
Computer Assisted Design has dramatically changed sign crafting. In order to better serve and compete, Sauls has acquired some continuing digital education and some sophisticated equipment to go with the paint cans. Bob utilizes powerful design programs like: Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and others. "Developing these skills is exciting and vital, but we'll never forget what we learned from the brush," says Bob.

Serving: "That's What It's All About"
The Sauls are grateful to have found their niche. Sign making provides not only an artistic outlet, but a unique way to serve. "I would never have dreamed how great it feels, the second time a customer calls. It means they have confidence in us, we've helped them," Sauls says.

The purpose for signage is obvious: advertise, inform and direct. Each project has its own unique objectives. There is rarely a prepackaged, off the shelf sign solution. Sauls Signs puts forward decades of genuine customer service and a true love of the craft.

Bob and Nancy wish to recognize the following people for they have been a true blessing. Their support, encouragement, and advice have made life better and finding the path possible.

  • Jeff and Bea Sauls
  • Richard and Joan Metcalf
  • Joe Jones
  • Steven B. Liedy, CPA
  • Judith Crews
  • John Cross
  • Oral Ledbetter
  • Al Matlock
  • Alan and Carolyn Pippenger
  • Rick Rice
  • Rick Shapley
  • Scott Thornton

Bob and Nancy Sauls

Bob at Wakulla SpringsJoe Jones

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